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People, Place Social Different

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People, Place and Social Difference

Spring 2015


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Question 1.
Insert the three maps here. Remember to include a Figure number and title, and source statement.
Figure 1: Unemployment rates
Figure 2: People not fluent in English
Figure 3: Low income households

Figure 1: People are not in the labour force, as a percentage of the population from the aged of 15 to 64 years, 2006. (Source: ABS 2006, pp.44- 47)

Figure 2: People aged 5 years and over who did not speak English well or at all as a percentage of the total population aged 5 years and over, 2006. (Source: ABS 2006, pp.30-31)

Figure 3: Households with gross weekly income less than $500 as a percentage of all households, 2006. (Source: ABS 2006, pp.58-29)

Question 2, Map 1 (125 words to answer a & b)

A. Maps: people not fluent in English
What is map?
Maps are pictures of the Earth's surface. They can be general reference and show landforms, political boundaries, water, the locations of cities, it shows the different but it can be very specific topics such as the percentage of Sydney population distribution for an area or the distribution of unemployment throughout a certain areas.
These two maps are sharing the same spatial pattern between the people not fluent in English map and an unemployment rates map. The areas are focused on the Inner Western Sydney and Inner Sydney region. Most people who are living in these areas are migrants; they came from differences part of the world to live in the same community and sharing different cultures. Immigration at that time was driven by concerns related to defence and the cold war and the supply of labour for Australia’s expanding manufacturing sector. The skills and education qualifications that migrants bring with them to Australia symbolise an extensive influence to the country’s philosophy and economy. The percentages of unemployment and people not fluent in English are high and they are living in the same areas. The distribution of people aged 15-64 years who were not in the labour force was similar to that of unemployed people with the highest concentrations in the outer western and South-Western areas. As the map show in the picture we can see the
B. Low income households
Household’s income is affected by the number of income earners in the household, as well as the amount of income each individual earns. The allocation of low-income households map looks similar to unemployment in the map.
As the map of unemployment (figure 1) shows that some areas of Sydney experience higher levels of unemployment compared to the rest of Sydney. There are numbers of reason that cause these problems, as we can the additional maps of people not fluent in English map (figure 2) and low income households map (figure 3) above.
Simply defined, the social differences mean the different between the individuals on the basis of social characteristics and qualities are known as social differences. They involve race, culture, income, age, education, gender and social status in the society. Social differences can create a lot of problems in a society because of discrimination always outcome in inequality, subservience difficult and other social problems.
The reasons that all the migrants come into Australia and they are living in the same area and having the same problems, because of they want to have a good self esteem in order to make their life with a good wellbeing of needs and wants. They want to share and remain to use their culture and tradition of foods, clothes and religions. The communities that they are living in have more access of services for them to have a good standard of living, for example: centerlink. Even though, the comparison between these three maps with the rest of Sydney map are highly differences, because of the connection that people have made within their community and the easy way to access the services. The cost of living is not too high if we compare the inner western area with the inner Sydney area.
Throughout the statistic data that we have been researching on the percentages of unemployment will be increasing in the future, because of the Australia economics and the increasing of the migrations. Migrants people they might bring their skills and knowledge into Australia but it does not mean they can use them as their professional careers, because of the education qualification that does not suit with the need criteria within Australia work force. So they need to gain some more knowledge and learn about the regulation that will apply on the job that they are interested in. This is time consuming and they need to know English in order to understand what they need to do to be qualifying to the job.





- Figure 1: People are not in the labour force, as a percentage of the population from the aged of 15 to 64 years, 2006. (Source: ABS 2006, pp.44- 47)
- Figure 2: People aged 5 years and over who did not speak English well or at all as a percentage of the total population aged 5 years and over, 2006. (Source: ABS 2006, pp.30-31)
- Figure 3: Households with gross weekly income less than $500 as a percentage of all households, 2006. (Source: ABS 2006, pp.58-29)
Amin, A. (2001) The economic base of contemporary cities, S. Watson and G. Bridge (Eds.)
Companion to the City, Blackwell, Oxford.



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