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People Problems at Hei

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Organizational Behavior Case: People Problems at HEI
Case One

1. On the basis of the limited information in this case, how would you assess the efficacy, optimism, hope resiliency, and overall psychological capital of Rob? Of the operations manager? Give some specifies to back you assessment. What implications do these assessments have for the future of HEI?
Based on the limited information provided, Rob is very efficient. He wants to look for alternatives that benefit the company. He is willing to contact and look into information that could help the company grow. Rob has demonstrated large amounts of optimism. He has a new vision for the company. He wants to take HEI from being a low-tech bed and metal furniture manufacturer that is going downhill to becoming a high tech medical equipment manufacturer. Rob has hope that he can complete his vision. He is taking the necessary steps to set his plan in motion. Even through his finance and operations people disagree with him, he is not giving up. He knows that the company board is set in their ways. The change has to start from within the company. He wants Ashley, whom works in the HR department, to help formulate a program to help get the finance and operations people to be more positive and optimistic about the changes he is trying implement. These assessments show how dedicated Rob is to the company. I believe the company will prosper with Rob taking the lead.
2. What’s your reaction to the finance manager’s pessimism? What about the market manager’s optimism? What implications does this have for Rob and the company?
I am quite shocked by the finance managers’ pessimism. The finance manager can clearly see that the company is under financial strain. The company is under a cash flow strain because of decreasing revenues from their existing product line. It is very clear that the company has to make some...

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