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People skills can be learned through training and experience alone. All you need to do is watch what you say and how you say it. You also need to pay attention to people and understand where they are coming from. Everyone wants to be heard and understood. Learning people skills to me means you need to increase social life style, and learn to have deep conversations with other people or interacting with others. You can start with a smile and a great welcome. Smiling makes people want to be around you and get in on the fun.

Build your people skills by looking people in the eye when you are talking. Also working together with others to solve problems are good ways to build on them. The best way is to practice speaking with friends and family first. To me smiling is a larger part of improving social skills. Saying hello or hi is a great way to meet people and start a conversation. Been positive and being polite can take you far too.

When I'm interacting with other soldiers I always try doing my best to remain well mannered. Since I've been in the military my MOS is a big part of people skills. As Human Resources Specialists I help Soldiers develop their Army careers, but also provide personnel support and assistance to all divisions of the Army. I really had to learn to use people skills a lot.

Talking to NCOs was very hard for me because I lack the ability to communicate well. I struggled and was scared to ask people questions and start conversations. I have now started to focus on being more approachable and friendly so they can trust me with my job since I deal with finance. As finance, I had to learned to provide feedback in tell the soldiers what was wrong with their pay or any issues with finance. Some soldier's pay is jacked up and they try to take their angry out on me. Sometime I had removed myself from the situation...

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