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People Start to Believe in Food

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People in Poland start to BELIEVE in food. They become aware consumers for whom the content of their plate defines who they are
„It is a ruin indeed“ - I told to my friend while I was taking a picture of the remains of once great market hall located on Koszykowa street in Warsaw’s downtown. „You’d better go inside“- he anwsered with a mysterious smile.
With the first step inside, I knew that I entered a „foodies temple“. I immediately felt the wonderful mixture of various smells including fresh herbes, roasted meat and sweet vanilla. Despite the little traffic to my ears came the multitude of sounds. Tinkling glasses, shrimps sizzling in a frying pan, clatter of knives... I simply couldn’t wait more to satisfy the other senses – the sight and and especially the taste.
Koszyki – a slow food market with history


I decided to visit Koszyki after my grandpa’s recommendation. Built in 1906, this now practically devastated market, used to be the place of Warsaw’s residents‘ frequent visits. „You could find there products that didn’t appear on the shelves in the shops“ - he told me. „I remember your grandma’s shopping there. I couldn’t pull her out, she was in her element.“
The image of the market hall in my head created by grandpa differed, however, from Koszyki‘s present appearance. Only two outbuildings remained from this previously large retail space. I visited one of them with my friend, the one which was restored to its former function.
Since the beginning, this place made a huge impression on me. The whole bunch of smells and sounds which greeted me, encouraged me to look around. I was standing in a narrow room with high ceiling. There was a long wooden bar painted in emerald green. It was surrounded by people sitting on classy velvet chairs. Two young bartenders were preparing some drinks. They seemed very focused and proffessional.
I looked on the right, as I felt intense scents of prepared dishes. They came from the open kitchen, where busy chefs were cooking appetizers for the guests. I glanced at the frying pan filled with seafood, bazil and chilli. The view was mouthwatering.
As we moved on, we entered a big glazed room. Along the walls stood several stands offering various products. They could all have been described as ecological food, provided by local Polish producers. We have seen various cheeses, including „Polish paremesan“, real meats and something for sweet tooth – home-baked cakes. After little saunter, we stopped in front of the most colorfull stand in the baazar, the one filled with fruits and vegetables.
Despite the autumn season, we found there not only plums and apples but also rarely occuring in November fruits like strawberries and raspberries. It all evoked immediately the vision of summer.
The seller was pretty young, I discretely studied his behavior while he was handling the client. He was giving her advice which apples should she use for an apple pie. He seemed very friendly and sympathetic so I decided to ask him a couple of questions.
„Clients choose to buy fruits and veggies from me as they seek for the best quality. As you can see my offer is wider than in most stores.“ I smilied as I couldn’t agree more. „I haven’t seen some of these products since summer or even spring!“ – I said. „That’s right, the majority of seasonal fruits and vegetables presented here comes from my own crops but as some clients need certain fruits throughout the whole year, I import them from warmer countries“- he explained. „ Strawberries and rapsberries from Spain, cheries form Chile, mango from Brazil, esparagus from Greece“- he enumarated. „And even edible chestnuts...“ – I thought to myself.
I bought two purple pomegranates from him. He squeezed them, to find out if they „click“ under the pressure. “Only when a pomegranate clicks it’s ready to be eaten“. At home, I convinced myself that he was right. My friend ordered for us two pieces of amazing tart with salted caramel. We sat in the middle of this little bazaar and felt the magic of this place. We observed the salesmen carefully. They all seemed to be dedicated to their profession. I especially liked the description of a sheep cheese narrated by the cheese dealer. „It’s a cheese made by my cousin from Podhale, the whole production is maintained only by him. In the meantime, the place was visited by many customers who consciously choose products offered by vendors.
I had the impression that no one was there by an accident. They all seemed to follow the current, very positive trend of slow food. By buying local and fresh products they have defined themselves as modern consumers who truly belive that the quality of food matters. Many of them expressed interest not only in product’s taste but also in its origin.
Koszyki constitute an anwser for foodies demand for carefully selected products. This place is not just a simple bazaar and bar. It is part of the nutritional revolution.

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