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People and Organization

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People in Organization

...Communication 6 Emphasis on Reward 7 Corporate culture and organizational commitment 8 References 9 Introduction The employee attitude on organizational commitment has changed nowadays; they would no longer want to stay with a particular company for their whole working life. In the past, employees might be happy to remain in the organization where it could provide good job security. However, the competitive pressure from their competitors has made many organizations reluctant to focus on downsizing, restructuring therefore created less job security provided to employees. Many employees considered that their organization has broken the secure organizational bond and unhappiness might bring employees to tend to begin their new job search. With the idea of finding a new job, employees therefore might demotivate with their current job and underperform in the organization. It will become a huge issue for the organization to achieve their objectives as no organizations in fact, can survive in today’s competitive world unless their employees work effectively and are committed to the organization’s goals. Hence, organizations have no choice but have to consider maintaining their employees, especially with talent, as one of the core components of survival to increasing competition. To do so, a number of studies done in recent years have shown that the understanding of the importance of organizational culture and its influence on organizational commitment is crucial......

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People & Organizations

...MBA Cohort 7 People & Organizations Prof. Homework Session 1 Essay – Analysis of Hewlett-Packard Sven Fritzsche January 20, 2013 Content: 1) Hewlett Packard before/ until 1999 – status 2) Hewlett Packard between 1999 – 2011 3) Changes and issues 4) Recommendation to Mrs. Whitman 1) Hewlett Packard before/ until 1999 The Company was founded by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard in 1939 and started in Packard's garage with an initial capital investment of US$ 538. It has since then grown into one of the largest IT companies in the world. HP incorporated on August 18, 1947, and went public on November 6, 1957. The company originally worked on a wide range of electronic products for industry and even agriculture. From the 1940s until well into the 1990s the company concentrated on making electronic test equipment, wave analyzers, and many other instruments. A distinguishing feature was pushing the limits of measurement range and accuracy; many HP instruments were more sensitive, accurate, and precise than other comparable equipment. HP is recognized as the symbolic founder of the Silicon Valley. HP entered the computer market in 1966 with the HP 2100/ HP 1000 series of minicomputers and is basically the first company to mass produce a personal computer. In the early 1980’ies HP enters into the printer/ scanner production which since then has remained being one of the most important businesses for HP. In the 1990s, HP expanded their......

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People and Organization deal with our ancestors in the hunting and survival were encountered in the course of adjustment problems. It is a comprehensive the biological, psychological and social science research ideas. Evolutionary psychology is the modern psychology principles and evolutionary biology union; it tried to evolutionary point of view on people's psychological origin and essence and some social phenomenon in-depth discussion and research. Evolutionary psychology responded with a win in such as "evolutionary psychology: about psychological new scientist", "psychology integration of the new paradigm", "psychology development new orientation" and so on praising. Said to evolutionary psychology, how many people understand? These in the 1980 s to appear in psychological science noun for most people are a little strange. It is not the subversion of Darwin's theory of evolution, but part of the psychologists try to use Darwin's "natural selection" theory to explain human now psychological requirements and physiological need, is the evolution of biology and a combination of cognitive psychology. Evolutionary psychology human psychological attributes as the result of evolution. That is to say, human...

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Managing People in Organizations

...Master of Business Administration International Programme Managing People in Organizations ASSIGNMENT OCTOBER 2010 – SEPTEMBER 2011 Prepared by Karim Saied Ibrahim Mahmoud El Sisi Submitted on 22 of August 2011* Introduction The success of any organization is depending on a lot of factors, but the most important factor is the management. Management is like the maestro of the musical band. Can you imagine band without maestro, like company without management. So in recent decades, all the organizations start to recognize the importance of management. So there are a lot of books and studies investigate the importing of management and the type of management. What is the management According to According to Harold Koontz, “Management is an art of getting things done through and with the people in formally organized groups. It is an art of creating an environment in which people can perform and individuals and can co-operate towards... Task 1 Research Task 2 Report Report Section A – Communication Practices: Benefits of effective communication on organisation: Communication is one of the basic functions of management in any organization and its importance can hardly be overemphasized. It is a process of transmitting information, ideas, thoughts, opinions and plans between various parts of an organization.”  Communication is the process of conveying information from a sender to a receiver with the use of a medium in which the communicated......

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Managing People and Organization

...| | | | | | Managing People and Organization Batch 05 Acknowledgement I would like to express my appreciation to all those who provided me the possibility to complete this report.  A special gratefulness I like to give, our Ms. Upekha Manamendra, whose give valuable suggestions and encouragement and helped me to writing this report. Furthermore I would also like to thanks with much appreciation my family, who gave the support to complete the report. Special thanks go to my batch mate, Pawani Iddagoda, Anupama Rohanage, Devanika Karunarathne and Danushi Fedrick, who help me and gave suggestion about the report task. I have to appreciate the guidance given by other lecturers as well and thanks to their comment and advices.     | | Executive Summary This report is about four assessments that done using case study of Joy of Chocolate. First assessment is about organizational Goals, Objective and Policy, Formal and Informal Organization and Open system theory of J.O.C Chocolates. Second assessment is about job performance, Importance of team working and Team cohesiveness of J.O.C. Third assessment is about manager’s different roles and measure on managerial performance, leadership theories and transformational theory of leadership of J.O.C and CG Chocolate. In last assessment it’s mainly about Organizational Structure. Table of Content Introduction 5 Assessment Task 01 6 Question 01 6 Question 02 6 Question 03 6 Question......

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Managing People and Organizations

...A never ending project Introduction In the following pages a particular work scenario will be briefly described, it will be primarily analysed on the different aspects of work attitude, motivation, perception, group dynamics and leadership; the final part will be an evaluation of the decisions made and whether these can be justified under an academic viewpoint or not. Background/Situation Geci Gmbh is part of Geci international. The company headquarter is based in Paris and the German headquarter is in Hamburg. The entire group employs about a 1000 engineers, in Germany there are around 150 engineers between the North and South of the country. In the last year and half Geci GmbH has grown quite sharply in the South of the region, and currently it has about 60 engineers based there. One important client in the South is Eurocopter Deutschland (ECD). From which ECD GECI GmbH has earned some important projects in a short time. I am in charge of the Geci´s office onsite at ECD my role is Program Manager, in I oversee the work on a particular project that is almost complete. The project has been at its final phase for some time however the costumer keeps updating his requests, and a final closing date cannot be established. The original project team was 10 engineers: about 30% German, 40% from other European countries, and 30% from extra European countries, each member of the group holding on average 4 years of experience. About 3 months ago I started to notice an increase, by......

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Leading People in Organization

... With increasing competition in the world workplace, it is clear that the businesses with various resources still at the level of demand (Marquardt & Reynolds, 1993). As companies face multiple of difficulties in order to keep successful in the marketplace, workforce give the company most valuable benefits. Therefore, respecting employee in the organization is the key for successful company and that can be achieve by understanding individual differences. Behaviours, values, personalities, and attitudes are different for each person. Considering these diverse traits lead the employees to the most appropriate in achieving organization. Since individuals are different, it is accepted that each employee behave in different ways. The key for companies is meeting individual diversity as a real opportunity and moving it into an advantage. There are three main important individual differences that organisations should focus on, values, personality and attitudes. Values: According to Howard (1988), values are the basic structures of culture. However, values can be applied in management to develop relationships with people. Values can be defined as the beliefs of individual or a group which they have an emotional investment (clegg S., 2011). Schwartz (1992) describes some values as ‘trans-situational’. These values in one’s life without considering the situation in which you find yourself, they do not change and stay with you. Schwartz (1992; 1996) defines ten......

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People, Organizations and Management

...The working world and its environment has always been a complex aspect to consider and as an evolving field, Human resource management has provided a collection of policies, theories and practices which help debate the importance and effect it has on how an organisation’s perform in diverse situations. This assignment will thus seek to explore through the use of models and theories brought forth by scholars; means by which people in organisations should be managed and ways by which those in managerial position could adopt in order to resolve issues in the work place efficiently. Also by using 2 main organisations (provided as case studies), the assignment further seek to bring to clarity certain similar practices shared and also expose certain contrasting means of operation between both organisation in term of: *Organisational design and structure & *Organisational Culture Brook (2003) in his findings has acknowledge the complexity that most organisations finds themselves in and rightly identifies that there are forces which not just influences an organisation but also frames it. So through the PEST model (Political, Economic, Social and Technology), it can be argued on the other side of the coin, that organisations are not only affected by their environment and its forces, however their means of operation (which is classified in other terms as organisational design and culture) can also in return influence the environment in which...

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Managing People and Organization

...With reference to the case study, summarize the relationship between goals, objectives and policy and advise the management of Scotia Airways of the contribution each will make to effective managerial performance. Clear goals and objectives are required by every organization accomplish or achieve their expectations or targets as there is a strong relationship between the goals and objectives which will guide a company to a right direction. Generally, goals can be defined as something that one's efforts or actions are intended to achieve or accomplish. The definition of a company's goal can be to survive, to move forward and to gain or profit either from development or wealth. Goals also determine the inputs' nature, (which include employees, management and efforts) as well as nature of outputs (which can be defined as quality of service). Goals are set for long-term and are future expectations for an achievement or accomplishment. For an organization to be able to realize their objectives setting goals are the essential tasks. There are four types of organizational goals; a) Consumer b) Product c) Operational d) Secondary Confusion in understanding of relationship and difference between goals and objectives are common. Objectives are specific sets of goals or targets within the general goals. Moreover, objectives are time-related which means that there are time limitations to achieve or obtain certain tasks. In other words, goals are the......

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People Work Organization

...1. The concept and function of reward In the Management Psychology, reward is to give recognition and praise for the people excellent behavior and encourage them to maintain this behavior. The purpose of the award is to encourage the advanced, motivate the staff's enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, improve work capacity and service quality (Marc Bishop, 2005). The reward is a "stimulus" to social groups, allowing them to get strength. In the company, wages, bonuses, and public recognition are the details of the award. A smile of the boss in the critical moment, a look or a gesture is reward. Incentives can bring a lot of enhancement of life (Máire Kerrin, Nick Oliver, 2002). Therefore, let me take you to learn some of the knowledge of reward. 2.The principle of reward In order to enhance the role of rewards and incentives, we should pay attention to the following questions: (1) Combination of material rewards and spiritual rewards: Rewards, can not engage in "money talks", can not engage in "the spirit of is universal ", combination of material reward and spiritual rewards is the best. (2) Create a fine atmosphere of reward: If you want to make use of the role of reward, we should create an "advanced is glorious, dropped is disgraceful" atmosphere. Rewarding in the glorious atmosphere enable he winners be honor, and envy of mental state urges the loser to catch up. (3)Reward in time: This can not only give full play to the role of reward, and......

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Leading People in Organizations

...this in my mind, I started working on a kind of a blueprint on my getting to that vision. Let me elaborate step by step. I – From the time I have come into existence in this physical dimension, my curiosity has been to understand why am I here? What did I come for? A long time was spent in understanding this existence. Did I come for just living and dying? Do I wake up everyday, have food, go to work, make money, make love, have kids, buy properties, become sick, and then die? Too depressive…this can’t be the reason for being here. There has to be something else. There has to be some purpose for which I have taken birth in this physical form. I now have realized that I would like to establish a co-operative mechanism, which would help people gain life skills that, would help them successful as leaders, husbands/wives, fathers/mothers, brothers/sisters etc. How do I achieve this? This leads to the next step. WE – Fortunately or unfortunately, we are dependent beings. Not just with other human beings but with everything around us. We need air to breather, the sun to give us life, water to drink, cows to give milk, animals to give us food. Every purpose in this world requires support from some other being. Take Picasso for example…yes he was the greatest painter in the world…but he still needs someone who made the brushes, the paint & the paper. Everyone’s journey in this world is a shared one whether you chose to accept it or not. If others were involved in this......

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Manage People and Organization

...Section One Roles and Duties of Managers The definition of management is the process of working with and through people and other resources to accomplish organisational goals efficiently and effectively. The nature of management is through doing things efficiently and effectively to maintaining and improving productivity, and thereby better organisational performance. If organisations could have a balance between effectiveness, efficiency, and equity, it proved successful management. The role of managers can be described as following: liaison, resource allocator, and monitor. • Liaison Liaison is one of the interpersonal roles, which responsible for maintaining self developed network of outside contacts and informers who provide favors and information. In the Tang’s expansion stage, Brian Tang as a liaison must effectively promote communicate with outside, such as doing financing work to increase company’s funding and that have to communicate with investors. • Resource allocator Resource allocator is one of the decisional roles, which responsible for the allocation of organisational resources in all aspect and making or approving all significant organizational decisions. Brian Tang as the founder and the current chairman allocate resources on his own, for instance when company got a government loan, it introduce a series of branded products which satisfied the market demand; when company expand its scale, it structured into 7 departments in order to better management.......

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Managing People and Organization

...I %te"x *$'*t r€s&u rc€ffi €xpeniencing Management Explore the four levels of learning by doing the simulation module on Ethics & Social Responsibility. Pod Nod Mini lecture reviews all the learning points in the chapter. Author lnsights Chuck talks about why it's hard to do the right thing Self Test 10 quiz questions, 6 exhibit worksheets, and Power- Points for quick review. 56 I What Would You DoP Gap, lnc. Headquarters, San Francisco, California.r When you a decent standard of living and allow workers to organize unions to improve decided to join Gap as its new CEO (Gap, lnc. runs Gap, Banana Republic, their conditions in factories." ls Gap the only company that relies and Old Navy clothing stores), your teenage daughter immediately asked, on such suppliers? No, it isn't. According to Kirk Douglass of pivot lnterna- "Doesn't Gap use sweatshops?"you stockholders, suppliers, overseas weren't surprised by her question, as the company has received intense negative news coverage regarding the tional, a manufacturing company that owns factories in the Philippines and workers, or protesters-take precedence? Furthermore, is Gap really does work with Chinese companies,,,lf you go into almost any plant in the treatment of workers in the overseas factories from which it buys its clothes. responsible for the terrible treatment of overseas workers? ln other words, nondeveloped countries of......

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...Political: To permit more competition US congress de regulated the airline industry by phasing out restrictions on new entrant’s, routes and fares. People Express was one of the first to enter the highly competitive airline industry. These events lead Peoples Airlines to provide better and cheaper service to the customers. The big players in the industry were still recouping from their losses due to deregulation, fuel shocks and the air controller strike. This provided PE a perfect opportunity to pitch their new competitive model in the industry. Economic: In the early 1980’s due to recession many pilots and other staff had been laid off by other airlines giving PE and abundant pool of people to choose from. It also helped PE to buy used aircrafts at low prices. These were tailored to suit the typical customers that PE airlines was targeting. By picking people diverse backgrounds such as nurses, social aid workers and teachers. The limited financial support that the PE competitors had was ineffective in responding to the low fare challenges while maintain their status as full service operations. Social: PE capitalized on the fact that many airline employees who were laid off. He recruited those who were eager to work and were ready to commit even at lower wages. Technological: Through major gate acquisitions, the major carriers became increasingly aggressive threatening to lock PE out of key hub cities across the country. With a variety of travel agency and......

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Managing Organizations and Leading People

...Managing Organizations and leading People Task 1 Corinne C Dolan Western Governors University October 2015 Managing Organizations and Leading People Task 1 A1. Description of the Organization The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) is the leading medical center in South Carolina providing medical care to surrounding communities and training to future health care professionals with affiliations to six different colleges and universities. The Medical University was founded in 1924 as a Medical College for the training of physicians. It was one of the first medical universities in the United States. In 1955 it was expanded into the Medical University of South Carolina, the medical center it is today, providing health care and training health professionals is areas of pharmacy, nursing, medicine, graduate studies, health professions, and dental medicine. MUSC is a not for profit organization serving millions of people in South Carolina and surrounding states with over 12000 employees and training approximately 2600 health care professionals every year according to the Medical University of South Carolina, MUSC Administration website. The Mission of MUSC is to improve health and maximize quality of life through education, research and patient care. They have the Vision to be nationally recognized as a Premier Academic Medical Center and to be a leading and transformative Academic Health Center being recognized as top 25 among academic medical...

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