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Pepsi Refresh Case Anlaysis (with Professor Comments)

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*******This is what I turned in. Please take into account the professor comments when you analyse the case. Good luck!******

Pepsi Refresh Project Case Analysis

Problem Definition

Should Pepsi continue the Pepsi Refresh Project? If so, how should the marketing strategy and execution be changed to use the project’s success to drive Pepsi sales?

Decision Alternatives ( add a bit more detail with each alternative)

1. Discontinue the Pepsi Refresh Project and use the funds for advertising again. 2. Continue the project as it was originally intended. 3. Continue the project with less commitment and a different purpose.


Pepsi brand originated in 1898 as a hand mixed carbonated drink sold at a pharmacy in North Carolina. It is a division of PepsiCo, a global brand that sells snack foods, beverages, and food brands. Valued at over $14 billion, PepsiCo is ranked 23rd on the Interbrand best global brands list. The Pepsi brand includes Pepsi, Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Max. Pepsi brand is positioned as the drink for the young and the young at heart. The senior marketing director and the head of the Pepsi Refresh Project, Ana Maria Irazabal says, “Pepsi’s DNA has always been, “Spirit of the challenger, celebration of next generation, and of optimism & things young at heart.””

Pepsi has always positioned its drink for the young and young at heart and has featured artists, models, sports figures, and the like in their advertising to promote this message. Pepsi wants to continue this message and bring it to the most globally connected generation yet, the Millennials, while still being a favorite to the previous generations.

Rivalry with the main competition Coca-Cola has jockeyed Pepsi, back and forth for 1st place in sales in the US since the 1970’s. Coca-Cola lead the soft drink market in 2010 but the industry as a whole was...

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