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Pepsi Sales Bubble

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Pepsi Sales Bubble with Limited Edition Soft Drinks
Marketing 5000 Online Course
Case Summary:
Pepsi and its partner in the Japanese beverage market, Suntory, are using limited edition soft drinks to boost market share and increase sales gaining edge on its competition, Coca-Cola. Because the Japanese market is challenging, introducing a new product is very difficult. Consumers in the Japanese market would rather hunt limited-edition products made specifically for certain seasons, regions, or reasons. Others have been successful with this type of marketing their so Pepsi decided to launch its new strategy marketing limited-edition soft drinks. With its first launch the company sold out within weeks demonstrating its effectiveness. Various brand of the limited-edition beverages were launched including Pepsi Blue, Pepsi Red, Carnival, and Ice Cucumber, all were successful in the company’s new marketing strategy. Pepsi’s strategy is to create a unique flavor that will be approved by the mass and not to reintroduce it to the market, keeping the limited-edition precisely “limited.” Not only is this strategy effective in the Japanese market, it is as well in the U.S. The appeal to consumers is the value as a collector’s item, due to their novelty, rather than a beverage that is to be guzzled down. “Given the competitive environment, the pressure from retailers to make new products perform, the speed with which consumer tastes change, and the cost of launching a new soft drink, Pepsi and Suntory are being careful not to overuse their limited-edition strategy,” introducing no more than four a year. This plan will influence consumers to buy quickly before all products are gone. Pepsi has a commitment Performance with Purpose: PepsiCo's promise to provide a wide range of foods and beverages for local tastes (PepsiCo and Suntory Agree to Form Strategic Beverage Alliance in...

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Pepsi Sales Bubble with Limited Edition Soft Drinks

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...67 Billion $52.56-67.61 $64.28 16.34 13.81 $3.81 $5.50 3.00% **** .56 • • • • Broad portfolio in the soft drink, saltysnack market and beverages. Acquisition of bottlers will allow for cost savings and new business opportunities Opportunities for growth in healthy snack, and healthy drink markets; growth in emerging markets Commodity (raw materials) volatility, exchange rate risks Increased bad debt and higher interest rates No high prospects for growth Cons: Porter’s Five Forces: • • • • • Threat of Competition: Moderate Threat of New Entrants: Low Threat of Substitutes: Low to Moderate Power of Suppliers: Moderate Power of Buyers: High Brief Overview PepsiCo, Inc. operates four major businesses: Frito-Lay North America, 31% of sales; Quaker Foods NA, 4%; Latin American Foods, 13% of total revenue, PepsiCo America Beverages, 23% of revenue, Europe, 16% of total revenue, AMEA 13%. PepsiCo recently purchased two of its largest bottling companies for a combined total of $12.6 Billion.1 1 10K 2010 PORTFOLIO CONSIDERATIONS PepsiCo, a consumer staple equity, currently composes 3.39% of the equity value of the EIF portfolio. As a whole, consumer staples make up 11.00% of the equity portfolio of the EIF. 11% does meet our required consumer staples portfolio. The S&P’s consumer staple has a total weight of 11.5%. Industry Overview PepsiCo falls under the consumer staples sector. In the sub-sector of consumer staples, PepsiCo competes in the non-alcoholic......

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... : XII-E CBSE ROLL NO. : ACADEMIC YEAR : 2012-2013 TEACHER IN CHARGE : MR. JAMES THOMAS INDEX SL. NO. | TITLE | SOURCE OF THE PROJECT | PAGE NO. | SIGN OF THE TEACHER | 1 | Acknowledgement | - | | | 2 | Brand RivalryAn INTRODUCTION | | | | 3 | PepsiAn Introduction | | | | 4 | Pepsi the history | | | | 5 | Products Of Pepsi | | | | 6 | Coca-Cola An Introduction | | | | 7 | Coca-Colathe history | | | | 8 | Products Of Coca-Cola | | | | 9 | Pepsi Vs Coca-Cola A Comparison | | | | 10 | Pepsi Vs Coca-Cola THE COLA WAR | | | | 11 | Pepsi Vs Coca-Cola Which Cola brand is the Better Investment? | - | | | 12 | Pepsi Vs Coca-Cola PRESENCE IN INDIA | | | | 13 | Pepsi Vs Coca-Cola Marketing | | | | 14 | Pepsi Vs Coca-Cola Advertising Strategies | | | | 15 | Pepsi Vs Coca-Cola Conclusion | - | | | 16 | BIBLIOGRAPHY | - | | | ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I have taken efforts in this project. However, it would not have been possible without the kind support and help of many individuals and organizations. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all of them. I thank my God for providing me with everything that I required in completing......

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