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The Glass Castle is a memoir written by Jeannette Walls. It examines her struggle as a child and living in poverty as a young adult. She faces many challenges that helps her to become self-sufficient and successful in life. One of those challenges is her dad Rex. He is an alcoholic and he was also irresponsible. Even though Rex was irresponsible, Walls wrote about all the best times she spent with her dad. Despite all that Rex put the family through, Jeannette still loved him for two main reasons: first, for his constant ability to make her feel special, and second, because he is a never-ending source of inspiration.
One thing Rex puts the family through is all the moving. They moved a total of four times from Arizona to Battle Mountain to Phoenix and then to Welch. At times Rex would just say “‘Okay, kids’ Dad said ‘the civilians are revolting. We better Skedaddle.’” (Walls109). Skedaddle means to get going and move, but in Rex’s language it meant to move to a new city and take whatever you can put in your pockets. He wasn’t a man that would take many things with him when he would move anywhere, and so he made his family do the same. Rex would always reassure Jeannette that everything is okay and he would make her feel comfortable about the situation they are in. She saw her father like a hero, saving them from the bad guys every time they moved, at least when they were younger.
Rex’s ability to make Jeannette feel unique is on of the main reasons why she still holds onto him when others give up. An example of when Rex made her feel special was when he gave the kids all a star for Christmas, but he gave Jeannette Venus. She felt very special when her dad gave her it. At the end of that same passage her father says “’Years from now… you’ll have your own stars’” (41) this is a strong example her father emphasizing her uniqueness, as he clearly sets the…...

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