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Perception of College of Arts and Sciences Freshmen Students Towards Math 2 Subject

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Perception of College of Arts and Sciences Freshmen Students Towards Math 2 Subject

Introduction Mathematics is an essential subject that is part of the curriculum. Through this, we learn how to count, to solve and to analyze problems involving numbers. The application of Mathematics is in our daily life. Learning Math should not be neglected because it will be our foundation in our future career. Understanding Math in a deeper way is quite difficult, that is why it is not new to us to hear different comments about this subject. It will always depend on how we are going to handle ourselves towards this course. Students are of different traits and personalities while learning. Some students would just go to school to have the feeling of belongingness not even minding the education that they could get. There are also students that are doing great in school and giving the best of them for their parents. As we have notice, almost of the students don’t really have the interest in studying Mathematics. They find it hard, tedious, and boring because it involves lots of equations and functions to solve. It is true, you can never learn Math unless you will have the application on this. It is not just merely counting, solving and analyzing. Math is a broad subject and we cannot learn all this in just 4 years of studying in college. The students should know the significance in learning the basis in Mathematics. To make this interesting we should know the purpose of why we should love this subject. There are so many studies that have been done with regards to Math by different researchers. The researcher of this study would like to know how students, specifically freshmen from College of Arts and Sciences perceive the level of difficulty towards Math 2 (College Algebra) subject. So, the study will be conducted.

Objective To determine the level of...

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