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Perfection Is Impossible

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Jon Drinnon Perfection is Impossible Who doesn't want to look perfect? A large number of women always have their own natural beauty, but there's always things you can buy that can help you stay in shape, look fabulous, gorgeous and to have the most beautiful hair and hottest clothes. In women's magazines I noticed multiple ad's trying to persuade the consumer into buying a product that they think will work. I did a small study on three women's magazines to see if these magazines are telling the truth about what products work. One magazine called, "Cosmopolitan", as we all know even if it's about the product working or not, most women don't realize what can harm themselves. From extreme energy weight loss pills that contain much caffeine and other harmful ingredients that can really harm you body, and face treatments that you can apply for minutes that can help you looking good, which you're not 100% sure that it may work, also another magazine by "Ladies Home Journal", had advertisements on a lot of diet treats, but it's not a diet treatments when it still contains a lot of sugar or a lot of caffeine! All these ad's have their own harmful ingredients. "Seventeen", another magazine where I seen most about what's more in style. In, "Help or hindrance? Women's magazines offer readers little but fear, failure" by Mary Kay Blakely, who has done a study on depression with women and women's magazines. However, the media contributes to eating disorders through its unrealistic representation of women. I wonder why advertisements in these magazines has a lot of diet weight loss supplies, I seen an article in , "Ladies Home Journal" about a weight management supply called Hydroxycut, they say "Live Lose Weight Your Way", " Thanks to Hydroxycut, I Love my new body . I'm back in action and ready for anything !", Said Monica from the...

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