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Performance Management Package

Performance Standards
Any occupation requires certain knowledge, skills and abilities I order to perfrom the job at an acceptable level. The KSA’s for UWA academics can be broken up into three hey areas. These areas are: * Research * Teaching * Service
For the teaching part of the role of academics, various KSA’s needed for this include: * Extensive knowledge of the material at hand, including knowledge of real world related problems. * Ability to express information and ideas in ways that students can understand and being able to engage with students. * Ability to be clear about learning outcomes with students and being able to align assessments with those outcomes. * Ability to respond to students queries about the topics covered and provide them with other helpful insight into the industry studied. * Be available for consultation outside class hours to ensure that students may ask questions if there is a lack of understanding. * Competent in literacy and a little bit of technology.
The performance standards for the teaching part of consist on focusing on the effectiveness of teaching and the overall effect on the students. These include: * Supporting all students in order to ensure that they have the best chance of succeeding in the course. * Material is made easy to understand and teaching methods are engaging for students. * Assessments align well with outcomes and are marked unbiased.

For the research part of the role of an academic requires various skills such as * Relevant experience in research and publications. * Literacy skills in order to publicise their research. * Organisational skills to conduct research.
The performance standards of academics in terms of research should be that research is conducted in the correct manner...

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