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Performanance Management Method

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Performance Management and Appraisal
Shaneece S. Thompson
Long Island University (Brooklyn campus)
Human Resource Management 355-001
November 14, 2014

Identify the Performance Appraisal Method Used
Doing a good job setting performance expectations with employee is akin to sending them on a journey with a map, a timetable, and some end goal in mind. They have a good chance of being able to meet the expectations you have of them because you have set them up for success. Some leaders failed to give directions to their employees and then the evaluative process becomes complicated and unfair to staff. Performance appraisal methods should be chosen properly to guide employee in the right direction.
Critical Incident Method
The critical incident method of performance appraisal is used to identify and describe specific events where the employee did something well or something that needs improvement. The encounter between David and Hodgetts was to highlight the problems occurring on the work site and to inform Kennison that it needs to be addressed. It was a meeting to emphasize to Kennison his roles and responsibilities. This approach is that performance evaluations are based on actual performance that is observed firsthand by the employee’s manager such as why Kennison was not reporting work delays and problems with inspectors.
Why did it failed to produce long-lasting results?
This method failed to produce long-standing results because Kennison needed to communicate more with Davis and Hodgetts for guidance when the situation became a burden to handle and subcontractors were not meeting deadlines and standards. In order for feedback to be truly effective whether the feedback is positive or negative, it should be linked as closely as possible to the behavior in question. With critical incidents, less emphasis is be placed on actually using it to inform, educate,...

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