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Performance Appraisal:Works or Not

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Performance Appraisal: Works or Not Performance appraisal is “a process, typically performed annually by a supervisor for a subordinate, designed to help employees understand their roles, objectives, expectations, and performance success”. It is a core part of the specific aspects of human resource management, and any activity of human resource management is inseparable with the performance appraisal. It helps employees recognize the problems and deficiencies in their work and promote them to improve continuously by doing the appraisal of their work performance. And during the process of appraisal, it can discover the potential of individual employees to develop their proficiency in an all-round way. It provides a basis for the development of human resource planning and human resources decision-making. The quality of performance appraisal is related to the development of individual employees, the success of business, and the promotion of making human resource management more scientific and standardized. To be specific, performance appraisal has five significances for human resource management: First, the information that performance appraisal provided about the employees is one of the important source for the formulation and the adjustment of human resource management. The result of performance appraisal can often reflect the potential problem and new possible growth point of human resource management system, and it provide a precious reference to improve the next stage of human resource planning. It also makes the implementation of human resource planning more realistic and targeted. Moreover, it provides some evidence for the coordination of human resource planning in budget. Second, performance appraisal is in accordance with the specific requirements of each job to compare the employee’s actual work performance, to identify the gaps and deficiencies, and at...

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