Performance Appraisal

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Performance Appraisal
Before I start with my paper about performance appraisal, I would like to give you a definition of it and describe it a little bit. In the text book it defines performance appraisal as a process, typically delivered annually by a supervisor to a subordinate, designed to help employees understand their roles, objectives, expectations and performance success. This would help employee’s build more team work, continuous improvement, learning, and motivation for their job. But as we all know there are disadvantage to this program because people would start finding ways to get around it. For example, my job has this program and it became a little hostile.

The first aspect that selected for this paper is strategic relevance. In the textbook strategic relevance refers to the extent to which standards relate to the strategic objectives of the organization. For example, my job is like General motors and whirlpool. They do keep metrics of performance. My job as at least 2 people on each cell and we have tons of metric, and we evaluate it every day. I have a metric that I have to keep track of and this count towards the employee. We have metrics of their hourly production, their total for the day, and out of the box failure. We do hold the employee responsible for all the failures and mistakes. This does affect their performance appraisals. The draw back to that in my company is that there are more than one people working in the cell and how do we know who is responsible to the bad parts.

The second one that I pick is reliability. As discussed in Chapter 6, reliability refers to the stability or consistency of a standard, or the extent to which individuals tend to maintain a certain level of performance over time. Example of this is to build to satisfy order for the customer with at least 100% accuracy rate. But you always have to have a plus or…...