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Performance Evaluation Essay On Cluck Old Hen

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As I entered the dimly lit auditorium, I could tell something unique was going to happen. The chairs were set our accordingly for the performers and the guests were searching for a place to sit. As I took my seat, I was granted a full view of the auditorium. The drums were in front of the stage all ready to be played and the chairs were placed orderly manner for the performers. While waiting on the show to being, I started reading over the overview for the performance; meanwhile, the performers slowly started entering the stage. With their cellos and trombone, the performers took their assigned seat and started practicing for the show. Sitting so close to the stage, one could hear the instruments as the musicians practiced; however, it was …show more content…
When I first entered to watch the performance I had little expectation. In my head, I was going in to watch a show for class and walking out. However, as I sat there listening to the music being performed by the students and faculty alike, I was left speechless. It felt as if I was living in the music. I could feel beats, the rhythm, and even the vibration of the cord. Music was speaking to my ears and I could understand. The piece I liked in particular was “Cluck Old Hen,” which has a link to agriculture and a farm; was about a hen and the fact she would lay eggs to feed the railway men. As a farmer this hen would have been important as the eggs would provide with food and source of income for family during the old days. However, my understanding of folk music wasn’t as it is today. During, Dr. Bigler’s visited and explained about the Appalachian folk songs I had a general idea about folk songs. I knew they were songs from a particular culture and each culture had their own version of folk songs. However, after seeing the performance I have had a deeper understanding that folk songs are not just any song, but a way that people lived in the

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