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Performance Management and Appraisal

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Contents 1. Introduction 2 2. Basic concepts of Performance Management and Appraisal 3 2.1. Key elements of performance appraisal 3 2.2. Preparing for an appraisal 5 2.3. How to set achievable goals 6 2.4. The role of job descriptions 6 2.5. Who will administer appraisals? 7 3. How to conduct an appraisal 9 3.1. Problems in appraisal 9 3.2. Best practice 10 4. Conclusion 11 5. Bibliography 12

1. Introduction

Once an employee has been chosen for a job, and has been doing it for long enough, their performance should be evaluated in order to provide feedback on the quality of the employee’s appointment, qualifications, work, etc. Performance appraisal is the ideal opportunity for top management, as well as the Human Resources Management department, to see which aspects of the performance of a worker need improvement, what kinds of development program can be provided, and what support will be necessary for the process to be completed. Performance review revises both past performance and the goals of future performance. Appraising an employee’s performance is an essential part of performance management, but does not constitute the entire process of management. It is one of the tools which HRM has at its disposal to get a grasp of the work, goals, and motivations of the workers in a company.

2. Basic concepts of Performance Management and Appraisal

Performance management is an amalgamation of different activities that, once collected, provide a definitive conclusion to management, in order for them to create an according strategy. It is important, however, to first understand the concepts of this process. 3.1. Key elements of performance appraisal

Before performance can be managed, it must be first evaluated. The most important of performance appraisal are as follows: 1. Measurement – using predetermined...

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