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Performance Monitoring

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Performance Monitoring

Author Note This paper is being submitted on September 12, 2013, for N234/CET2810C Section 01 Microsoft Exchange Server course.

Performance Monitoring Exchange Server monitoring aims to optimize the performance and availability of the Microsoft Exchange messaging environment. Exchange Server monitoring tools track data that can direct the resolution of operational issues to simplify administration. An Exchange Server monitoring tool allows administrators to improve productivity and control costs. When you are troubleshooting or optimizing a server for performance, you can use performance monitoring to track the activities of Exchange messaging components. Performance Monitor graphically displays statistics for the set of performance parameters you’ve selected for display. These performance parameters are referred to as counters. Performance Monitor displays information for only the counters you’re tracking (TechNet, 2011). Thousands of counters are available, and these counters are organized into groupings called performance objects.
When you install Exchange Server 2010 on a computer, Performance Monitor is updated with a set of objects and counters for tracking Exchange performance (Microsoft, 2010). You’ll find dozens of related performance objects for everything from the Microsoft Exchange Availability Service to the Microsoft Exchange Journaling Agent to Microsoft Exchange Outlook Web Access. There are a few third party vendors out there that have great products to help an administrator monitor his exchange environment, the one that I am more focused on is SolarWinds solution for Exchange monitoring. SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor delivers Exchange monitoring that is agentless and easy to deploy (SolarWinds 2003). It monitors Exchange 2007-2010 Client Access Role Services and Counters, Mailbox Role Services, Hub Transport Role Services, Edge Transport Role Services, Unified Messaging Role Services, and common performance counters such as % processor time, available memory, LDAP search times, LDAP read times, LDAP searches timed out per minute and long running LDAP operations per minute (SolarWinds, 2003). I know that Microsoft has built in monitoring tools but sometimes when a company has dedicated itself in providing the best Exchange Monitoring Tool I just can seem to overlook that.

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