Performance vs Discipline

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Discipline vs. Performance Management
It could be assumed that performance management and employee discipline are the same. That could not be further from the truth. While both are a necessity, they accomplish different goals. Employee discipline relates directly to correcting an employee’s behavior but performance management can apply to an employee, a department or the processes uses to build a product or service. Performance management systems typically include employee development and employee appraisals. They are often used to align the goals of the employees with those of the organization. Difficulties arise in this type of program because it is perceived as threatening for managers and employees alike. Management is reluctant to provide feedback that is candid and honest due to their fear of compromising relationships with the very people they count on to get the job done. Oftentimes the employees feel that managers are not skilled in discussing performance and are not effective in coaching them on how their skills can be developed.
Employees can have issues that are deemed as disciplinary problems. In order to deal with these problems there are certain guidelines that an employer should use. There should be clear disciplinary principles and evidence showing the employees were provided notice of those procedures and policies. There should be a uniform way in which those standards are applied. There are four rules that should be followed
1. The employee must be aware of the nature of the issue
2. The employee must be aware of what must do to fix the issue
3. They must be given a reasonable amount of time to fix the issue
4. There must be an understanding of what will occur with inaction on their part

The policy that is created should not limit the organizations right to impose the suitable disciplinary measure. The law says that employers have to…...