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Topic: The performance of doctors and administrators in the management of healthcare facilities 3
Chapter 1: Introduction 3
1.1 Background of the problem 3
1.2 Problem statement 4
1.3 Purpose statement 5
1.4 The significance of the study 5
1.5 Nature of the study 6
1.6 Research questions and hypothesis 6
1.7 Conceptual or theoretical framework 7
1.8 Definition of terms 8
Strategic management 8
Employee welfare 8
Risk management 9
Public Health care sector 9
1.9 Assumptions 9
1.10 Scopes, limitations and delimitations 9
Chapter 2: Literature review 10
2.1 Resource management 10
2.2 Employee management 12
2.3 Risk management 15
References 18

Topic: The performance of doctors and administrators in the management of healthcare facilities
Chapter 1: Introduction
The management of health care facilities has been a major concern especially within public funded health facilities. Public health facilities have experience various cases of mismanagement and they have been unable to handle the increasing and changing demands towards health care (Dunn, 2007). The private health institutions are considerably managed in an admirable manner because most owners treat them as an investment hence leading to the usage of strategic management in the running of these private health care centers. The public health care centers have less levels of accountability because of laxity by the funding authorities in instituting better management teams. Most public health care centers are managed by trained doctors who do not have any kind of training in the management of institutions (Dunn, 2007). Owing to numerous reports regarding mismanagement of public health care systems, it is significant to explore the possibility of inculcating trained administrators in the management systems of public health care.
1.1 Background of the problem…...

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