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Good morning teacher and classmates. Have you ever thought about perseverance, or at least how to persevere? That’s why I’m here today, to talk about perseverance.
Perseverance means a steady effort to maintain a course of action, belief, or purpose in spite of difficulty. In order to persevere, pain and a lot of hard thinking will be needed.
Perseverance basically means to continue doing something in spite of obstacles.
Success in life doesn't come easily.
When a kid learns to stand up and tries to walk, he is found to fall down again and again. And by nature and instinct, he gets up, and again tries to step forward, although again he falls down. But ultimately, he succeeds in walking. The same thing had once happened with each one of us, when we were children.
A person who perseveres has self-confidence, determination, and hardworking, that person tries again and again, and finally has success.
Perseverance is the secret of success. Without it, achievements are not possible.
A person who is very intelligent, and good at school, but is lethargic by nature, and reluctant to diligence, can hardly prosper in life, because he does not know how to use his brain and labor in the right direction. In this world, all the great things have been made or constructed only by perseverance.
Shakespeare did not compose such voluminous works just in a day. He had to work hard during days and nights with tremendous perseverance to create such great masterpieces.
The modern scientists, too, carry on their experiments day and night for years together in order to attain success. If one looks at his own life, he can very well understand that whatever he has so far gained, he has gained it only by his hard labor, and not by chance or magic, or by someone's grace.
There are numbers of failures and hurdles; we have to go through before we achieve something in life.
“It's easier to go down a hill than up it, but the view is much better at the top.”

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