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Way to Better Life through Habits

Charles Duhigg, the author of the Book called “The power of Habit” asserts “Habit can be changed if we understand how they work.” Duhigg wants to explain that understanding the instructor of habit is one of the most important steps for changing bad habits. Individuals who understand the habit loop can change bad habits and lead to more productive, healthier and successful life. Understanding the habit loop is the first and most important step for getting know how the habit works. As Duhigg mentioned in his book “Simply understanding how habit work-learning the structure of habit loop-makes them easier to control” (10).When the person decide to get rid of a habit, he needs to get important information about that habit, then the person can exactly focus on that habit and start the process to change that habit. These information’s are not achievable but by understanding the habit loop and individuals can act on changing habits with more chances of success. The habit loop starts with a cue, which is then followed by an almost automatic action (routine), which is reinforced by a last step called reward. Then the loop is ready to begin again. Some example can make this habit loop more easy to understand. A person wants to start exercising every morning, at the beginning, she needs to choose a cue like going to gym as soon as she wakes up or put the sporting clothes where she see them (next to her bed).Then a reward such as drinking a smoothie after each work out. When the person think about that smoothie or the relaxing effect that she get after drinking that, the relax feeling will make it easier to push her going to gym every day. In this example, starting new exercise routine would be easier by following the cue and reward step. So each step of habit loop is connected to another one and is...

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