Person Centred Care

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Describe the factors that help or hinder person-centred care and interprofessional working in relation to a chosen incident. (Word Count 2,993)

In this essay a consultation observed during a Primary Care placement will be described, with the aim of defining person centred care in relation to it. To protect confidentiality and in accordance with the Nursing and Midwifery Council’s code of conduct (NMC, 2008), the names of persons or places are not referred to. The roles and responsibilities of the professions involved, the importance and difficulties of interprofessional collaboration and the effects of this on person centred care will also be explored. A conclusion will be drawn as to whether the event provided a person centred approach.

The observed consultation (Appendix 1) took place in an elderly care clinic held in a hospital outpatient department. Outpatients Clinics are provided by the local NHS Primary Care trust on a regular basis as part of ongoing care for clients. A consultant, a nurse, the client and her carer were present. The client had an appointment to review her ongoing treatment of Parkinson’s disease. A publication to support the National Framework for older people (Department of Health, 2001) regarding the implementation of medicines endorses the monitoring of treatment to ensure the medication remains appropriate and to raise awareness of any adverse effects.

The lady was in her eighties, frail and hard of hearing. A carer accompanied her from the residential home where she lived. Her mental state was assessed: she was aware of her surroundings and had some degree of understanding, although communication was difficult due to her hearing problem. During discussion with her carer it was established that she was having difficulty sleeping due to nightmares. The consultant explained that this was a common side effect of the medication…...