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Should Justin Ellsworth’s Parents Have Been Given Access to His Email?


The question is, “Should Justin Ellsworth’s parent been given access to his email?” There are many things to consider when asking this question. Did they have the right to see it? Did he want them to see it? How would anyone ever know what his wishes were if they never talked about this subject? Did the parents only want the email to see what he was up to, or his personal thoughts? Would there be something in the e-mail that would make them think differently of their son? Is it legal for the parents to see this email? Is this a violation of privacy and policy? These are all fair questions in an ethical battle such as this one. What kind of stance would you take?

In a perfect world, everyone would be happy with the outcome of any type of conflict morally, or ethically. However, we all have minds, opinions, and that pesky thing called…the law. In the situation of Justin Ellsworth, he didn’t really have a choice at all. He died as an adult, fighting for his country, and his parents wanted access to his personal email. We ask, is this a breech of policy, or is it a right of the parents to see this email because he was their son, and they wanted to know his final thoughts? There are issues here though, that go beyond just what the parents wanted. Issues exist such as whether or not Justin himself would have wanted them to see it, and whether or not the internet provider had to let them see it due to privacy laws. The provider did have a privacy agreement with Justin, regardless if he is dead or alive. There is not a box to click saying “If I die, please allow my family to view my e-mails” on any website I have personally signed up on!
I believe that the parents did not have a right to see his e-mail. If he wanted them to see it, he would have given them his…...

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