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Person Impact Paper

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Personal Impact Paper

Week Two

Choose a chronic disease.

Research the personal impact on a patient living with the chosen chronic disease. You may choose to interview a current patient (obtain a patient release) or find patient impact videos on the internet. In selecting information, be sure your source is informational not promoting a product or service.

Write a 1,350- to 1,500-word paper that describes the patients experience and impact on their life. Include the following:

• social, financial, and personal effects • how the patient learned about their disease (nurse, support group, doctors) • educational experience of the patient while learning about their chronic disease • change motivators the patient used or why change had not occurred

Recommend theories of motivation and learning for the management of patients with this chronic disease in light of the information you have gathered.

|Content |Points available |Points earned |
|7 points possible | | |
|Choose a chronic condition. |7 | |
|Describe your research on the personal impact of the chronic disease. | | |
|Describe social, financial, and personal effects. | | |
|Describe the patients learning process and educational experience regarding the chronic| | |
|disease. |...

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