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Personal and Professional Goals


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My Personal and Professional Goals
Deundra Newton
June 22, 2015
Professor Barbara Deets

My Personal Goals
I am currently a student at the University of Phoenix working to obtain my Bachelor's of Science in Nursing. In life, there are several obstacles that may come about that can deter a person from accomplishing his or her personal goals as well as their professional goals. I think that to achieve any goal, I must first have a plan that I can show adherence. My personal goal in life is to lose weight so that I can live a healthier lifestyle. My professional goals include completing the BSN program as well as working to obtain my MSN in Education. The goals that I have set forth to achieve will be an asset to my future and provide a sense of fulfillment as I continue this road to success. In writing this essay, I plan to express to the reader how determined I am to achieve my goals and provide insight on how I plan to achieve them.
One personal short-term goal that I would like to accomplish would be to lose a minimum of ten pounds in 3 months. "Obesity is a major health problem in the United States, with over 50% of Americans classified as overweight or obese” (Hill & Wing, 2001, p. 324). Living a healthier lifestyle is important to be physically and mentally prepared for my future. The skills needed to be effective include being more patient, development of a realistic perspective, determination, and the ability to remain positive. In the past, I have always been inconsistent with working out and eating healthy. Starting out I tend to do very well and then it seems that I get burned out as time goes on. I have come to understand that to achieve this goal I must pace myself by not over doing it. I will also need to incorporate a written plan so that I can stay on track and visually see my progress. I have now started a workout, weight, and diet log that will assist me in this journey. As of last week, I started walking 1 mile, three days a week with one of my co-workers. Having someone that has the same goal in mind has been very effective in this process. When a person or group of people who share the same goal surrounds you, I think people are more likely to reach any goal that has been set. Having experienced burn out in the past, I know that time management is important to stay on track. I will pace myself regarding working out so that I can make this a lifestyle change rather than a temporary change. Eating healthier is another key component to living a healthier lifestyle. I have created a diet log to plan my weekly meals and create a weekly shopping list. Reviewing this diet log and checking my progress weekly will allow me to set new goals and make changes where needed. In making this commitment to lose weight for myself while being consistent in doing so, there is not doubt in my mind that I will not reach my long-term goal to lose forty pounds in one year. By staying on track, consistently monitoring my progress, remaining optimistic, and making needed changes, I feel that this goal is realistic and obtainable.
Quinn-Szcesuil (2015), “Nurses who set both professional goals and personal goals and really consider how the two play off of each other, gain an understanding of their profession as a whole and how they fit into it” (para. 1). My short-term professional goal as a student at the University of Phoenix BSN program is to maintain a 3.0 GPA. One the hardest subjects throughout my educational career have been mathematics. I have always been the type of student that had to complete all math-based courses in an in-class setting. I understand that utilizing all available resources provided by the University of Phoenix is one key factor to moving forward in this program. My plan is to complete the BSN program in 2 years without delay. There are numerous skills that I will need to improve to obtain my BSN. Some of the skills I will need to improve include dedication to set study times, enhancement of critical thinking skills, and improvement of writing skills. Also, becoming more organized regarding setting a schedule for all assignments to be completed promptly will assist in reducing stress. Time management is very important for achieving my professional goals as well. I plan to remain dedicated to my studies at all times. Creating a schedule to map out what, when, and where I will study, is a great start. Having a quiet atmosphere that is conducive to learning will ensure that there are limited distractions during study times. Studying 2-3 hours a day six days a week will contribute to my success. I aspire to do a lot more reading in between class times to enhance my vocabulary. Hansen (n.d.), “Building your vocabulary has many advantages beyond improving your writing. A rich, well-developed vocabulary will make you a better contributor to class discussions, a better reader, and a learner who can make connections among various disciplines” (para. 1). Having my BSN will open many doors in my professional career and also equip me with the knowledge to think more critically. I realize that achieving my short-term goal of obtaining my BSN will not be easy, but well worth the test. Once I have completed the BSN program at the University of Phoenix, my long-term professional goal is to pursue my Master’s Degree. One to two years after I complete the BSN program I will apply for an academic scholarship through my employer as an aide to fund my MSN in Education. I will utilize my MSN in Education by applying for a position within my current facility as a Nurse Educator. Growing up I would always play "teacher" to imaginary students and for a long time I imagined being a teacher in my adult life. During my high school years, I became more interested in nursing and caring for others, so I followed the path of becoming a Registered Nurse. After years of being a staff nurse, I realized my passion for teaching could be utilized if I enhanced my education. I recognize that education enhancement will groom me to be the best nurse, teacher, team member, and mentor that I can be in the nursing profession.
In conclusion, setting professional and personal goals will give me a sense of purpose, assist in the development responsibility, and provide meaning motivation for the future ahead. My goals of losing weight and furthering my education are what I strive to excel in. I acknowledging that to achieve goals you must first have a plan and the determination to carry the plan out. I recommend that all students that are continuing their education utilize S.M.A.R.T. goals in their personal as well as their professional life so that achieving them can be much easier.


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