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Personal Branding Plan Paper

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Personal Branding Plan Paper
Jacqueline Babb
MKT – 421
November 24, 2014
University of Phoenix

Personal Branding Plan Paper – Introduction My career spans a bit over 20 years in various administration positions in many different industries. Most of my career was spent in the manufacturing industry. In the beginning, for approximately 5 years, I was a receptionist, handling the most basic of responsibilities. Later began a stretch of time that I worked in an administration type of position as a planner and raw material control. This position allowed me to learn more of the industry, receiving the raw material, assigning it to appropriate work orders, and maintaining the flow of production on the raw material end. Finally, I moved into the area of accounting performing accounts payable for the freight side of a manufacturing company for around 7 years, which is where I found my desire to further my career. Those years of working in the accounting area has given me the confidence to move forward and push my career further.
Companies I Would Like to Work For Germania Insurance is a Texas based insurance company whose home office is in Brenham, Texas, my hometown. It was started back in 1896 in Perry, Texas, composed of only 31 members. Their founding principle was “bearing one another’s burdens made them all stronger” (Germania Insurance, n.d.), which is still true today. Today Germania offers full insurance services and has its own member-owned credit union. This company is well established and is a highly sought after place of employment. Their benefits and all around working environment is one that produces a sense of importance and self-worth, in turn allowing for each employee to make a contributable difference in the outcome of the services offered by the company as a whole. I feel that I would be able to make a difference and sizable contribution to…...

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