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Personal Branding Plan

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Personal Branding Plan



May 25, 2015

Joseph Roskoski

Personal Branding Plan

My career in accounting, administrative, and as an executive assistant spans over a decade of experience. Although I started working when I was fifteen, I did not find my true passion for numbers until five years ago. I started working for a company as an Administrative/Accounting Assistant and within two months was promoted to Accounting Administrator. Once I learned more about payroll, taxes, financing, and cash flow analysis I was then promoted to Accounting Manager less than a year later. This position has taught me a lot of hands-on training without a degree; however I am currently working towards my BA in Accounting with the ultimate goal of graduating with a Masters and becoming a CPA.
Companies I want to work for CPA Corporation is in Roseville, CA, and I plan to move there in the future. Therefore, I wanted to find something that was close to home. While I want the convenience, I also want to work for a good accounting firm. CPA Corporation has been in business since 2001 along with experienced CPAs with 20 years' experience (, 2013). I find this intriguing because I can learn a lot from the people within the company. BFBA is in Sacramento, CA that provides services to clients throughout Northern California and Nevada. I've heard fantastic reviews about this company from friends and gave me a broader environment to learn from my colleges with more experience. Also, when BFBA talks about the work environment they mention, “We know firsthand how to attract, motivate, and retain top accounting talent" (, 2010). That statement makes anyone want to be a part of this company. Gilbert Associates, Inc. is in Sacramento, CA honestly I came across this company after doing a search in the area. I...

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