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Leadership in an organization often plays a critical role, and is frequently, though not always, one of the major drivers of the success or failure of a company. (Bass, 1990) Effective leadership helps a company through times of peril and brings a future of brightness. It makes a corporation successful. However, what is leadership? According to Kouzes and Posner, it is the art of mobilizing others to want to struggle for shared aspirations. (1995, p.30) Leaders set a clear direction for us; they help us realize what is ahead; they support us to achieve and win; they encourage and inspire us when we feel depressed. Without leadership, an organization will degenerate into chaos and unstructured because people view things in different ways. Leadership assists people work in the same direction and creates harmony and it is an important ability for individuals. In order to assess my leadership ability, I did a test on LPI. The scores distributed as follows:
TABLE1: Leadership Practices Inventory Scores
Challenge the Process | Inspire a Shared Vision | Enable Others to Act | Model the Way | Encourage the Heart |
43 | 44 | 48 | 43 | 48 |

In the following section, I will discuss my scores achieved on the five dimensions provided with my experiences and examples.
LPI Dimensions
Challenging the Process
Bennis (1998) suggests that leaders learn best from leading in through adversity. Leaders create the environment and take responsibility in changing the organization. In order to achieve extra ordinary results, leaders should “challenge the process” and improve employees’ perceived organizational support. (Kouzes & Posner, 2002) Leaders should be creative and innovative, confronting difficulties and willing to take risks, challenging assertions about the familiar things as they appear and handling conflicts which involves “challenging the process”. Once there…...