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Legge (1989 and 1995) concludes that there is very little difference between human resource management and personnel management, but there are some differences that are important. Human resource management concentrates more on planning, control and monitoring than on what is done for manager and employee’s mediation.
Staffing objectives, performance objectives, Change-management objectives and administration objectives are the four basic objectives of human resource activity. Through I reading the notion of these objectives, CPD and the skills of being the ‘thinking’ performer is really important to the practitioner. However, we need to develop our skills to meet these objectives. I think collaborative is an important skill which means we need to work effectively with a range of people in different situation of the organization. As to me, I always think different attitude to the same thing, because different people have different attitude. So it is necessary to consider the other people’s thought. If there some difference, it should be discussed as soon as possible in order to work effectively. Thus, in terms of collaborative, I think I am good at it. Besides, the leadership is also an important skill for me to develop, since it will play an important role in ‘change-management objectives’. Torrington(2011:9) concluded that the necessary leadership skills can underpin the change process like the recruitment or the development of people. Different from personnel resource, human resource management is greater emphasis on planning. So we can find some methods can bring benefit to organisation if we keep a curious attitude. Curious means future-focused, open-minded and seeks out innovative ways to add value to the organization. Actually, many people numeracy is not an essential skill for HRM practitioner. I do not agree that, since if we have a good skill of…...