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Personal Essay
This paper will be focusing on the life experiences that guided me towards selecting my current career choice of becoming a registered nurse; most of which has been through inspiration. Throughout the body of this essay highlights will be made on personal encounters with other healthcare professionals, past work history that contributed to my current career choice and individuals that were the driven force behind me wanting to be a nurse. I chose nursing because this profession allows me to care for an individual in their most vulnerable state and to gain trust and rapport over time. As a nurse, I will contribute by helping people live longer, richer lives. This decision was made at the age of fifteen in 2004 after becoming a member of the Antigua and Barduda Red Cross Society; which was the first exposure I had to the healthcare sector and where the true meaning of helping a complete stranger was understood.
During my tenure I became a Certified Peer Counsellor to teenagers, where I learnt the skill of using effective therapeutic communication to converse with abused teens; be it physically, emotionally or sexually. Being certified gave me the opportunity to educate young adults on current pressing topics such AIDS, HIV and STD prevention. Additional, duties as a peer counsellor included distributing condoms and performing the necessary demonstration to ensure safe and effective usages. As one of the younger active members of The Antigua and Barbuda Red Cross Society, the opportunity was 9ffered to me to become a member of a newly formed youth program based out of the UK called ‘Together We Can’. This program was geared primarily on the youths and implementing fun and effective ways of dealing with, problems at home, handling abuse and preventing teenager pregnancy and contacting HIV, STD or AIDS. With this program students were selected from...

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