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Personal Education and Career Plan

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Problems are human judgments about situations. Many question and steps have to be taking. Also with an ethical solutions in place. I’ve found that The Five P’s from my text book if placed right cover’s those questions to most problems although everyone problems or challenges maybe different you can use techniques to decide on a course of action. One of my listed above is fear of failure. I think when it comes to education and failure that can present a big problem, an attempt to impose expectations on us in a way that is difficult. In the 1940’s According to a survey reported in a 1988 issues of Time magazine, Schools faced problems such as Talking, Chewing Gum, and Improper Clothing. Source: Time Magazine, 2-1-88 and though that is far from the problems in the 1980’s just some examples how that could affect education and have a judgment or put someone in a situation where failure can present a big problem.

Problems and Challenges Problems and Challenges can be viewed differently by simply following the 5 P process. But for those that don’t have access they see that a situation conflicts with their interests, and they declare, “There is a problem here” all is the same different terms what is the situation? Whom does it concern? How do we perceive it? Why does it concern you? What changes will it propose? Are all just other steps and procession question that have to be asked Another Problem is self-motivation it is hard for me to find the energy and motive to do something although I know finding that drive or that push would lead to great results it’s that process of applying it through the steps. The solution would be to have better brainstorming ideals and improved self-motivation. And then set a goal so that I can generate ideals for what I’m trying to accomplish and that ties into my first problem stated when it comes to the...

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