Personal Ethics Development

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Personal Ethics Development
Rene P. Jordan
August 21, 2010
Craig Follins

Ethical development is acquired through a combination of family, peers, teachers, religious leaders, and the community within one lives. When an ethical dilemma arise, one must first recognize and understand the steps to resolve the issue. When making an ethical decision several factors are taken into consideration. Ethical systems are also used to assist in achieving the final decision. This paper will review the stages of personal ethical development and the different components pertinent to each theory.

Personal Ethics Development
As a child, morals and values develop and are learned by the inner actions with parents and other adults in the family. Knowing right from wrong is an internal belief derived from one's character and values. As a person grows older and starts school, his/her morality develops even further. They gain ethical opinions from teachers, and peers, which reinforce their own concepts of right and wrong. Additionally, as one interacts with society and the community where he/she lives, they develop or follow the beliefs of their norms. In turn, value decides one's friends, and the job they may accept. Morals and values outline the direction a person will take in life. Fairness, responsibility, trusting, and caring assist in building character and forms the ethical systems used to make decisions. When dealing with conflict or difficult situations, several factors should be considered that will have a significant impact on the final decision. The three factors are context, values, and principles.
Context is the first stage to consider. Circumstances play an important role reviewing what is important to the issue and what have no meaning- acquaintances, family members, or peers can determine how a person understands or look at a problem…...

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