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Personal Ethics Development Paper
Through this paper, I will discuss my personal guidelines and ethical development that examines my system of ethics and the origins of development. I will explain what my values consist of and what sources help to influences and shape my values. I will touch on what effect ethics has on my work performance and provide a personal experience to support it. Finally, I will discuss why ethics is important to an organizations goal, individual’s lifestyle, and society.
The development of ethical origins in my life consists of growing up in New York and many situations that came into consideration. Some of the influences that helped curve the ethical values that still determine who I am to this day come from family, friends, coworkers, school peers, relationships, and the military. I learned the value of respect from my siblings through standing up for what i believed in when disputes occurred. My brothers instilled in me that when a situation occurs in which someone approaches me to stand strong and fight back. I learned responsibility from my parents through chores and discipline. Friends and coworker allowed me to see different sides of people, which in turn helped me learn how to trust or not trust someone. School peers and relationships allowed me to understand other people’s feelings and different ethnic backgrounds. Most of the early years of my life built the foundation of ethical values. Not until i married my wife and my son was born is when i could feel the weight of those values. The military helped me to understand those values along with integrity and that my actions have consequences that can affect how others perceive me.
The fundamentals of my ethical system consist of relativistic point of view; Relativism often uses the personalized approach to ethics. It is subjective and focuses on personal experience as a form of…...

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