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The personal interest is an attitude which consists in pulling the best party of circumstances by compromising if need with the ethics principles and by acting only in his own interest to the detriment of others. Any action results from a motivation. If we harm others, it is from a motivation; and if we help others, it is also from a motivation. We say of an honest and ethical person that she is "made lose interest" whereas a "interested” person is considered as deceitful and selfish. Nevertheless, he is natural on behalf of each of us, to pursue or to protect his interests. The interest is necessary for the man. But the interest, it is also the search for what can benefit us and this can raise an ethical problem. The motivation is neither personality's line independent from the context, nor consequence Almost automatic of a good management or an adequate organization. It is about the resultant of economic, organizational, technological and cultural constraints, and about their interactions with needs, values and aspiration of the individuals. The motivation is not a stable process, it is ceaselessly questioned. We can then wonder if the personal interest is the result of the human motivation and afterward if the rewards and the punishments are the only effective tools for a manager. We shall begin by seeing that the personal interest is the base of any motivations then we shall see that the punishments and the rewards are very effective tools in our company and afterward we shall see that in certain situations these tools are not the most effective.

The personal interest is the base and the final result of any motivation in our current company. Indeed, every act which we make is motivated by its own interest, which our act is ethical or not ethical. For example, when we save a person of the drowning or when we help one elderly persons to cross the road we make an ethical act which can be motivated by the kindness or by the will to help others however even in these situations there we let us wait for something in return, whether it is a simple thank you, of the gratitude or another a reward. Consequently even if on the base our act was not motivated by the personal interest the final result is a more or less big reward which will act on our personal interest. It's the same in the world of the work. Indeed, we can retain five groups of needs which act on our will of working who are; a physiological need which will allow us to assure our survival, a need for safety thanks to the gained money we shall be protected from the poverty, a need for membership has a social group what will allow us to have friends, need for respect which will help us to be liked and to respect others and finally a need for realization of his person. Indeed, every person is motivated by its personal interest when he works even when we work more that what is asked us after all we hope to be always rewarded one way or another. We can thus wonder if the punishments and the rewards are good ways of motivation for a good manager or if these tools are doomed to failure.

A punishment is a punishment imposed for an evil deed, a breach in the payment while a reward is an advantage which results from a good behavior. Since our youngest age we are used to the system of punishments and rewards even if our parents did not choose this educational system. Indeed, the nature makes that we are confronted with this system in our depend. For example, when a child begins to learn to walk he often falls and hurts indirectly it is a punishment. However when he succeeds finally in walking indirectly he is rewarded for his efforts by not hurting any more by falling and by being able to finally walk as his family. That is why in the working world these tools can be very precious and useful to run well a team. We know that the reasons for working have a common point: it is always about rewards in the widest sense of the word, that is to exchange the results of the work for the satisfaction of material needs or more abstract needs. The rewards are very diverse, they can be financial or in the form of fringe benefits. They can be attributed on fixed bases bound to the status or to the age, either on more punctual bases bound to the results of the made work. Therefore, a manager who uses the system of rewards in case of good work will always motivate more his team. Indeed, a person who knows that she will be rewarded is by receiving an increase or by receiving a good grade or still the gratitude of its superior will always be more motivated to supply a work that somebody who will receive no reward and no gratitude of its superiors, who will feel so totally useless. It's the same for the system of punishment, a person who knows that she will be reprimanded if she hurts her work or break the regulation will always be more motivated to supply a good work and have a good attitude to avoid a punishment. Especially as the punishment being bound to the reward a person who is not punishes because done well its work has big chances to be to reward afterward.

However, Weiss and Adler showed that the personality plays a more important role on the motivation in the low situations, characterized by the freedom left with the subjects to make personal choices concerning the nature, the direction, the intensity of the efforts and their obstinacy in the time. Of this fact certain persons can not be susceptible to the system of punishments and rewards because their moral and ethical values as well as their character and probably education are not in agreement with this system. Besides, other things can make so that these tools are not necessarily the best method of management of a team. Certain persons can perceive a weakening of the link between effort and performance. That is there will be no motivation if we are not convinced that to make an effort is going to allow to reach the expected result or the deliberate rewards even if we think that it has a chance on two there that the effort is productive. Besides, the indistinctness between performance and reward, in particular when the rewards are attributed at the level of a group. Indeed, every individual perceives badly the link between his efforts and the reward which he receives. Generally speaking, all which goes to the sense of a clarification of the performance which is rewarded and for the information about the modalities of calculation and for allocation of the rewards improves the perception of the link between performance and results. In this case we can wonder if you should not better use a system of communication between the employees to be able to reassure them and pull the best in them by saying to them that they do well and the evil to help them to improve and to motivate them to work better because they will feel supported by their superiors.

In conclusion, we can say that the personal interest is the final result of every motivated act even if it is made in a indirect way. Indeed, in a general way in our company everything turns around his own person even when we help others. To receive one thank you or sign of head is not big thing but after all is a reward which makes us feel ourselves good and which by consequence is in our personal interest indirectly. Besides, the system of reward and punishment is not necessarily the best tool for manager a team however even when this system is not to use indirectly he is always present. As I said it earlier, a salary, one thank you stays a reward and a correction of file as well as that a disdainful look remains an indirect punishment. We can then wonder if he shall have no system there allowing to ally this system of rewards and punishments to another system to optimize the motivation of the employees. For it it is very important to discuss with his employees to see the expectations of each and not antagonize certain persons who have a different concept of life.

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