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Personal Learning Management Array Structure

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Personal Learning Management Array Structure
Giovonnte J. Tate
March 31, 2014
Travis Sprouse

Object-Oriented Programming Parallel array structures can be used for many instances where the programer wants to input information that is different to them, such as keeping track of their important items of learning. The whole process of creating a program is of a structured nature. Code does not have to be difficult and can be written in simple English. What programmers need to do is input the data into the program and if it is functioning properly, a result based on that data and output will appear. All results come from a calculated list of items that have a represented value declared by the programmer.
Arrays have been used in lots of problems to arrive at solutions for tasks and routines that people are involved in day to day. The For Loop and data sharing elements make the structure a desirable solution to any situation where programmers need to write codes and programs for a problems with many working parts, such as the me with several classes with a value rating applied. The data shared between the elements, assignments and projects completed, has to be shared in order to get your results. The most logical solution is the use of a parallel array structure. To test this conclusion, a pseudo code has been written and executed and is operating with satisfactory results.

The pseudo code for this particular program is written as follows:
Economic Value Added
1) Declare “Class 1” as String1
2) Declare “NumberoefProj” as String2
3) Display “Please enter a value for Class”
4) Input value = 3
5) Display “Please enter number of projects”
6) Input value = 5 (or any number between 1 and 5)
7) For count = AddedValue 1 to 1
8) Get “total value added” = string1*string2
9) Output = string1*string2
10) Display “Total value added for student...

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