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Personal Literacy

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Literacy Of Life

The literacy of life in my opinion the most important story for one to pass on to others, not jus tin terms of reading or to draw conclusions to deeper and more detailed meaning, but to learn and understand about the lessons we encounter in everyday life that we at most times look past or ignore.

I can see a time in my life living in a small town called Hastings Michigan when I was forced to do something that I would have never imagined doing. I was there my entire life and my parents were going to, with such short notice tell me we were moving to Minnesota. I loved where I Lived, I loved my friends and family being so close, sports, everything where I currently was had enough to offer for me. When they told me this I felt like everything I ever cared for was being taken away from me and that things were falling apart right before my eyes. There were many clues that my parents had said weeks and months prior to the news but I was so caught up in my own little world, too young and immature to even have noticed them. They would ask me little questions all the time like how would I feel about being far away from home? Do I like the Vikings? All kinds of questions relating to Minnesota but I never even thought more about them, I thought they were just questions. I was put in a situation to say goodbye to all the people who ever helped me make it as far as I was at the time. Friends, family, teachers, coaches everybody. I was so confused, lost, I didn’t know what to do and had no answer how to respond to the situation. All I knew was I had a real short time to figure it out so basically I just dealt with it and tried to do everything I could to make my short amount of time left worthwhile. I realized that this was something completely permanent, I wouldn’t be able to visit on weekends or anything, this place was 10 hours away....

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