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Personal Narrative: A Dog

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A puppy. A dog. A protector. A young child’s best friend. Barks to the sound of birds chirping through the wind. Unfortunately, it takes losing a first playmate to realize what life will develop in the long run. I know from personal experience that losing a best friend implants many lessons that can be used later in life. I reminisce about all the times Booster and I enjoyed, from playing fetch or him meeting me when I arrived home from school. Maybe even the times that I would get so mad at him, because he jumped on me and whacked me down or when he gnawed up my favorite light up shoes. When we left for our family trip I never expected my world coming to an end. Booster stood not only as just a playmate; he happened to teach me many different lessons that I may have never realized so soon, such as life can never be taken for granted.
As a three year old my puppy was my best friend. I can remember every little thing about my favorite puppy: Booster. Booster happened not to be just any puppy; in my three year old eyes he lived as the best puppy ever. My brothers and I could always
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When my school bus reached the bus stop in Grant, my mom packed my bag already. She then took me over to my dad’s after he finished work. Hayden and I loaded into my dad’s pickup and headed south. Two of my brothers decided to stay home, as they both moved out of the house and attained jobs. Jared, my second oldest brother, was left in charge of feeding and watering Booster while we vacationed. One day, when Jared went to feed and water Booster, he never greeted him as he pulled in the driveway. Jared began to worry. He called my dad to let him know that he could not find Booster. A dog with his personality usually came up missing with his adventures across the countryside. When Jared went the next day to feed Booster, he found him. Booster passed

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Personal Narrative: A Dog

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