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Personal Narrative: Allyson Adameriae Clark

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Boy or a girl? My mom and dad did not know if I was a boy or a girl but my mom always told my dad that I was a boy because of the way I was poisoned in her stomach. If I was a boy I was going to be named Matthew Clark and if I was a girl I would be named Allyson Adameriae Clark. Once I was born, I found out that I was a girl so my name was Allyson Adameriae Clark. If I was a boy they were not sure on a middle name. My first name comes from a baby book, but my mom and dad wanted to spell it a different way than you would think it would be spelled. My middle name comes from my great, great, great, grandma maybe less maybe more greats. I had come to realize that I did not like my first name Allyson because everyone would spell it wrong or would …show more content…
I have a goal to collect at least $100 for JIA research and lupus research. I also would like to have perfect or excellent attended. I have a good amount of friends, some of them are Chelsa, Megan, Mackenzi, and Grace. Grace is deft, so she has taught me sign languages. I hate when people tell me that I can’t do this because I have JIA. I also hate when people talk about me behind my back or when people bully or mock me. I love to go to a horse farm and help out I also love to ride horses and play softball. I love to help out around the school and around the community. I love to learn new things that are a challenge. I spend most of my free time in my room with my dog reading or coloring. I will sometimes do puzzles. I hate when look at me and say stay away from me, I don’t want to get your disease, then I say back to them that it is not contagious. I love when I prove people wrong that say I can’t do something and then I do it better than them. When I get angry my dog comes me down. I have an interest in singing, dancing, playing instruments, and having fun with friends and …show more content…
Will, we were over there it was around my birthday. My dad and I had gone out for lunch together, but little did I know there was another reason behind it. We had gone to a seafood restaurant called Krabby Patty. Will my dad and I were out my 2 cousins, aunt, sister, and grandma were out getting my cake, gifts, and decorations. Once we ordered the food did not take too long, but that was only because we had gotten crap dip with chips. It was really yummy. On our way we stopped at a store that had a giant swordfish I think hanging so I took my picture with it. My dad had called my grandma to let her know that we were on our way back, but it was still too early so my dad said that we had to go to the store and look around. About 15 minutes later, my dad's black phone rang off and it was a text from grandma saying that we could come back. Once we arrived there I walked inside and they surprised me with a party it was small but it was still a ton of fun. When it was time for the cake they all song to me but little did I know that my dad was going to smash cake in my face for fun so I had a cake smashed in my

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