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Personal Narrative: Buffy The Vampire Slayer

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It was just a normal Tuesday. Dad had dropped me off after our usual stop at Donuts & More. Buffy greeted us at the door, where I said my goodbye. They boys wanted to watch E.T.. Again. So, as usual, I went with Buffy to do laundry in her dark, dingy, musty smelling basement.
Buffy was my babysitter, and I always loved going over to her house. There was always something to do, and even when there wasn’t she still managed to find something. We were never bored. There was, however, part of going to her house that I always dreaded. The dog. I don’t remember what his name was, but he was a full grown golden retriever, and I hated every second I spent near him. He was the devil in dog form, except I was the only one who could see it.
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Two steps from the top I stood up. I would later regret my decision to not climb the whole way. As I slowly stood up, I heard a creak, and felt the door close. My feet came out from under me, and down I went. Sliding down the stairs on my stomach. I felt that cold metal under my chin on every single stair on the way down. It seemed like the stairs would never end. But they did, and as I stood up I felt something under my chin. Blood. All that metal had cracked my chin open. I slowly crawled back up the stairs, but the door wouldn’t open. I could hear Buffy from the other side cursing at the Devil Dog. He had done this. He shut the door with his hind leg. He was the reason I was trapped down here. I heard the whimper/bark of a scared dog, followed by the sharp sound of glass shattering. I didn’t know what was happening up there, but I did know one thing. I had no way of finding out. Pushing on the door as hard as my toddler body could, the feeling of someone pulling on the door made me feel a little better. I would get out of here. Only, the door still wasn’t opening, and the temperature in that dark, dingy basement seemed to drop. I turned around and saw a large golden retriever, with eyes so red it felt like they were looking right through me. Slowly, the dog started to walk towards me, as I started to inch up the stairs. The door slammed

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