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Personal Narrative: My Individual Writing Process

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Thinking about my individual writing process has caused me to forget how I begin a paper. It’s strange to think about the concept of what writing is before you actually write something. After reading over the assigned pages to give me the help I need to discover what my individual writing process is I “skimmed” over freewriting. I tend to just start writing and let my thoughts flow and I feel like it’s what best suits my writing style. So here we go.
My individual writing process includes freewriting, lists, and looping. I like to use freewriting because I enjoy continually writing and letting my ideas flow out. Sometimes when I get stuck, it helps me to have a list of the things that I want to include in my writing so I can elaborate and expand on them. After I get to a certain point, I use the process of looping. Looping can be considered a side effect of freewriting. I loop by rereading what I have written and decide if I like the order and the theme of my
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My goal is for the writing to grab your attention. If I don’t find my writing interesting, most of the time neither will someone else reading it. I usually start by taking bits and pieces from the first draft and expand on those ideas.
When I’m given a writing assignment I start it that day. Sometimes I wait until I get home to start so I can wrap myself in my own thoughts without the distraction of others. I do my best work at home because I feel more comfortable there. If I get stuck I usually switch homework assignments and then come back to what I was previously working on.
When I finish my papers I reread it two or three times and check the grammar. Then I have someone else read it. Most of the time I give my finished product to my parents to read out loud to me. This way it’s like they are reading me a story for me to critique. My dad is usually the one to help me fill in the blanks to express my writing in more

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