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Personal Narrative: My Mask

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My mask includes many aspects of my character, some that people are familiar with, and others most people didn’t know about me. On the outside of the mask, I painted a sky filled with clouds and stars at the top. Secondly, on the inside, I painted a few things that not too many people know about me.

I didn’t find this part very easy. Only close friends know the real me, or who I display myself as in general. This made it difficult for me to think of some characteristics of mine that would help people who barely know me be able to easily identify that this mask was mine, just by looking at the exterior. On the outside, I painted a picture of a sky with clouds for many reasons. First of all, my friends, or people who know me well, know that most of the time, my head is up in the clouds. I tend to daydream during class when i’m supposed to be working on something, but luckily, i’ve gotten better about it. Also, sometimes, I tend to drift off in the middle of conversations and not completely listen. Also, one of my close friends says that i’m an airhead of sorts, not that i’m stupid, but because, like I said earlier, I tend to drift off sometimes. Also, I tend to come up with some pretty wacky ideas that my friends’ find hilarious. They say they all knew I was crazy from the moment they first looked at me.
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For the inside of my mask, I painted a scene of a forest and an ocean. I believe that these two paintings represent me because I love nature; and not too many people know that about me. Personally, I love animals, the outdoors; basically anything that has to do with nature. I included the forest because that is one of my favorite places, and I just love it there. I also included a painting of the ocean, because I love it there too, just not as much as I love the forest. In conclusion, I believe that I picked great representations for the inside of my mask that display who I

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