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Personal Narrative: Standing Up On Here

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tense up as no one is in the sit next too me and the rest of the seats are full. I’m hoping this fine man will sit next to me and then it happened.

“Anyone sitting here?” he says speaking in my direction
“No, you’re fine”
“Thank you, hard to get a sit today” he mentions while adjusting his briefcase while sitting down
“I know the feeling, I don’t like to feel booshie but I don’t like to stand up on here” I say in response
“Someone who understands how I feel. I’m Andre, by the way”
“Nice to meet you Andre ,I’m Kelly”
Noticing Andre’s broad shoulders and perfect white teeth, I wonder if he is a model. Do beautiful people just drop from the sky in New York? It sure does appear that way I think myself
Andre, notices the hair shampoo in my hand. …show more content…
I didn’t want to give him my number, I’m still slightly traumatized from my experience with Cam which let me know men aren’t always what they seem to be here. This time I don’t want to jinx the possibility of meeting up with Andre again so I don’t tell the girls about him. Lord knows they would bother me to no end asking me questions and giving me bad advice. However, I was quite impressed with how natural our conversation flowed and he seems more stable than Cam already but only time will tell for …show more content…
Seems like someone I had to get to know”
“You are quite the charmer aren’t you Andre”
“Only if I think someone is worth it” He says with that beautiful Tyrese type smile
Andre is definitely keeping my attention and he seems to have his life together, which is sexy in it’s own right. I might have to give him my number this time. Pulling up to my stop, I decide to give him my number and let him know to contact me.

The next day I get a text from Andre “Are you going to be on the train today”.
“See you there then” He text’s
Andre seems like a cool guy so it would be nice to see him and meet up outside of the train. While riding, He finds me on the train
“Did you save a seat for me?”
“I sure did” I reply We start just where we left off laughing and getting along.
“So are you finally going to let me take you out?”
“Sure, I think you’ve been patient and persistent enough. I think we can do something after we get off the train tomorrow”
“Yea, we can do that” he

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