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A soldier may face instances where one may be dealing with an amputated limb, burns, bullet wounds, or all three. These are common occurrences to soldiers and people who reside in war-torn areas. As dangerous and debilitating these physical injuries may be, they are not the only type of damage that war can cause to people. The pain and suffering that soldiers experience from the psychological scarring that they receive from the horrors of combat is just as or in some cases, more harmful than the bodily damage that people endure during times of war. The mental pain and stress from the harrowing ordeals that one encounters have a profound effect on the human psyche. Many nations have experienced conflicts and wars that have caused countless deaths and injuries to people of all walks of life. However, the physical wounds aren’t the only ones that occur. The psychological damages are just as harmful to a person’s wellbeing. I am from South Korea, which remains divided from its northern counterpart due to the Korean War. The horrors of fighting that pitted brother against brother and had Koreans harming each other was truly a sad sight to behold. My grandfather escaped the North before the war and personally fought in the Korean War after he graduated from the South Korean military academy. My grandfather survived the Korean War and to this day, he refuses to discuss about what he experienced. He said the harrowing details of what he witnessed is too graphic and disturbing for anyone to hear. It was quite evident that the suffering that he feels from the horrific events of the war was severely affecting him negatively because he truly looks to be in pain when reminded of anything related to the war. He used to only reveal occurrences that were light-hearted in nature, but that was few and far between. There was an instance when he said that one of the greatest fears...

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