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1) PND’s were manufactured as portable pocket-size devices that helped in giving turn-by-turn driving instructions to get the driver from one destination to another. They had position capability, small maps initially and traffic information in real time. PND’s came out in the market during the 1980’s.
Their biggest strength is making the experience of driving much easier than without the PND (TCO A ). This is because the driver, need not memorize directions or keep looking at a paper map or ask people on the road! The PND will be guiding him throughout and giving him various updates like which route is more crowded and needs to be avoided, if he has lost his way it will reroute and tell him which direction to head.
The technology PND’s use is satellite communications. The orbiting satellite which are maintained by the Defense Department for public use will send appropriate signals to the global position system and these signals allow user to identify their specific position and where they are headed.

2) As far back as 2009 there were reports out that PND’s were on the decline (Xavier,2009)
The key reasons for this being navigation devices pre-installed in the cars and PND’s on smart phones. So you have a choice, pay extra for a fancy car with the PND pre-installed if you’re not willing to spend that, why do it by buying a portable PND? Might as well use your smart phone.
The market that is not buying or cannot afford smart phones may still invest in a portable PND. So I do think their business is on a decline but will never get completely wiped out, because they will always have a niche market. However this being said big companies like Garmin and TomTom need to diversify their businesses so as to not go out of business. ( TCO A and B )
Some advantages of the built in PND include being in sync with the rest of the car so it will stop giving directions when there is a call in progress in the car’s Bluetooth system, being integrated into the dashboard means no chances of it falling off and at a risk of breaking also the display screens are much bigger and clearer.

Where are you now? The history and evolution of GPS. (n.d.). Retrieved August 8, 2014.

Lanier, X. (2009, August 27). Are personal navigation devices in "Terminal Decline' ? Retrieved August 8, 2014.

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