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Fatima Karriem
Personal Learning Reflection
The Introduction
This paper states that learning styles are just as different as the individuals who utilize the various styles of learning. As an adult, you learn differently than you did when you were younger. As an adult learner, the author will find that the process of obtaining the information and resources needed is much different. According to Kolb (1985), individuals develop learning styles that emphasizes some learning abilities over others. Additionally, Kolb’s learning model assumes that individual exhibit a preference for certain learning behaviors that can be grouped into four distinct learning style: Converger, Diverger, Assimilator, and Accomodator. You may fit into just one or find that more than one style describes how you learn. The paper reveals that the author considers herself a Converger/Accommodator, which is helpful knowing your learning style to optimize your performance and aid in what you decide to study.

As unique individuals we all learn differently and need help when it comes to learning. We all have a process by which we learn. One person’s end result of his or her learning process may be different from that of their peers. The following paper will be a personal reflection of my learning style. I will assess my strengths and show some opportunities available for me to grow. Even though we may be able to identify the type of learner we are, there are many benefits in learning and using other learning styles. Doing the course of evaluating my style, I had to simple take a look at how I learn. I had to ask myself, “How do I process information?” As Converger, I cannot remember a time when I could not process and organize information. I simply may have utilized it differently. Learning to me depends on the setting and it depends on me. I learn by grabbing hold of the…...