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Personal Resoonsibilty and College Success

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Personal Responsibility and College Success Recognizing and accepting personal responsibility is a major step in an adult college student’s life. It is one of the factors that separate, an adult from a child; unfortunately, not everyone makes that step. Personal responsibility is a cornerstone in achieving college success. It removes excuses and forces an adult college student to practice self discipline, self determination, and resource management, which are requirements for college success in any area of life. Personal responsibility is defined as taking ownership of an adult college student’s actions; accepting the consequences that come from their actions and understanding how it can impact others. By accepting personal responsibility, the student can achieve the goals in education by making the necessary sacrifices in his or her personal life, develop self discipline in study habits and time management, and effectively balance other responsibilities, such as work, social functions, and an obligation as a parent. As with life, without personal responsibility and the self discipline that comes along with it, success in college would be extremely difficult to achieve. Developing the self discipline for effective study habits, such as applying the necessary concentration on materials in going to be a challenge for an adult college student who have not had to study for a course in over ten years. A student will be required to handle effectively the many other duties an adult college student would be responsible for, such as: a job, social functions, and obligations as a parent to achieve long-term goals. To achieve college success an adult college student must set a priority to balance all those responsibility around the academic schedule. One aspect of personal responsibility and college success is making sure that the student is doing his or her…...

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