Personal Responsability

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Thesis Statement and Informal Outline Worksheet
Laura Russell
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December 19, 2011
Dr. Richard J. Ansson Jr.

In my opinion personal responsibility, means taking responsibility for my actions, accepting that any action that I take has consequences, and those consequences could directly or indirectly affect the people around me.
Establishing a relationship between personal responsibility and my college success is important. Receiving an education is my personal responsibility. Being successful in college and obtaining passing grades is a reflection of my success. To continue my college success I must remain motivated during school and after, finding ways to focus on the big picture; which is success, graduation, promotion, increase in salary, and personal status.
Having the freedom to make the choices that I need to succeed at the University of Phoenix will assist with my personal responsibility of my college success. Starting college is an action that I have taken which has fundamental consequences that would directly affect my family and me in many positive ways.
My preliminary plan to practice personal responsibility in my education: I will stay motivated, by having a positive attitude when it comes to my education and the school that I have chosen to attend. I will focus on completing my assignments in a timely matter, which will prevent me from falling behind in my progress. Concentrating on my attendance, this would enable me to achieve the success that I deserve, all in an adequate timeframe without the fear of receiving failing grades or being dropped from scheduled classes.
Since college is an investment of my personal time, I must find many reasons to stay motivated. Accepting the encouraging words from my professors and classmates will help me to remain motivated. Staying focused on my studies…...