Personal Responsibility

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Personal Responsibility

This essay will explain the difference and the relationship in personal responsibility and college success. It will also explain some examples of personal responsibilities and college success. At the end it will include a plan to practice personal responsibilities that will lead to college success.

Personal Responsibility is when a student is being held responsible for everything they do like their job, finances, relationships, school, and family. As children we are taught to be responsible, it is as we grow into adults that we learn personal responsibility so we can be successful for not only college success but for our everyday living success. Also personal responsibility occurs when one finally accepts the truth that they have to be responsible for their own actions. Most of the time when we make a mistake we find a way to point the finger at someone other than ourselves. Instead of pointing fingers we can accept responsibility by saying it was me, or I am sorry I made a mistake. This would make you a better person because it takes a stronger person to say I am sorry, than to put the blame on someone else. I would rather that person be in charge of things instead of someone that only cares about him or herself. I believe confidence is the main key to any success. If you have confidence in yourself you can achieve anything you set your mind to and it gives you the strength to say the things like I was wrong and leads you to succeed. Some examples of failing to be personal responsible are turning in my homework assignments late, cramming for a test at the last minute or running late. These are positive signs that you will fail to become successful. When we take responsibility for our actions it can help us clarify, which life goals are most important. This will help you achieve college success by understanding our values and…...