Personal Responsibility

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Personal Responsibility
Marassa Crawford
Foundations for General Education and Professional Success
Missie Usry

Taking Personal Responsibility
Should it no longer be my personal responsibility to complete a task, once an obstacle or challenge has prevented it from happening? Should I not take personal responsibility for my decisions and actions, or blame someone else and make excuses for something I did not complete? Once I have accepted to complete a specific task or goal, it becomes my personal responsibility to complete it. However, I must apply myself; and determination and self-discipline are required to get successfully results. I should plan carefully before proceeding to ensure the mistake does not happen again.
Personal Responsibility
Personal responsibility makes me accountable for my decisions and actions, especially when working toward my goals. When a specific goal is set in place whether short or long-term, it becomes my responsible for completing it with success. Like parenting, I had to change my life-style to provide a safe, nurturing, and disciplined environment for my children. This required a life of security and stability by having childcare in place while seeking and obtaining gainful employment, and making sacrifices that empowered my ability to enrich my children’s lives.
The Importance of Personal Responsibility
The most important reason personal responsibility holds me accountable for my actions, especially when working toward my goals is because of purpose and commitment. I have a purpose in life and once I have committed to doing something, whether it is providing a better life for my family, seeking a raise, or promotion at work or graduating college. Commitment makes it me personally responsible to achieve it. Like when I was looking to change careers or elevate at work, the position required a degree along with…...