Personal Responsibility

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Personal responsibility is essential in everyday life. Strong personal responsibility is essential to academic success. Most people think that personal responsibility is needed only in making the grade in high task/high output jobs. This is a true statement! People need to have the fortitude to complete our jobs, manage our money, and organize our lives. As we embark in higher education, especially an online environment, it is essential that we possess a higher level of personal responsibility. We know how important personal responsibility is in our everyday lives, but taking it up a notch is essential in the successful completion our degrees! It is also a detriment to our grades and ultimately our graduation if we choose not to have a high level of personal responsibility in our endeavors during our undergraduate work. There must be a plan for success as well using personal responsibility as the cornerstone to achieve our goal! Graduation! Let us look at some every day examples.
According to Stockdale and Brockett (2011) “Self-direction has long been recognized as an important component in adults' learning activities. However, almost without exception, the same adult educators who cite the centrality of this concept to adult learning suggest that concision and controversy exist with the nature and application of the concept.” (p. 162) Personal responsibility is essential in our lives. There are some that can wake up when they want, do nothing, and go to bed whenever they want and things are just done for them. For the other 99%, we require personal responsibility. Even stay-at-home parents, there is responsibility in setting the alarm clock, getting the children up and getting them off to school. At night, there is the responsibility in knowing what time it is to pick the children up, feed them, do their homework, and put them to bed. This may be…...